Hi everyone ! My name is Carla

I’m a happy and little Chilean girl who is trying to conquer the entire world, step by step, country by country…

I used to have a nice life in Chile, a family that loves me, 4 dogs and many friends, but always have this dream to backpacking around the world. I was finishing my university studies and planing this trip very carefully, a suddenly my life turned 180 degrees.. I received a call from my grandma telling me that my mom died… Was a surprise, shocking, to my brother and me.

So, after the shock, I realized that life is too short and in any moment something can change everything. I finished the school, said goodbye and took my backpack…. And now here I am, living the dream !!! Traveling on a budget, exchanging work for accommodation and meeting new people and places.

I want to share this journey with you guys, I hope you enjoy the stories…. Let’s get fun !